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     MY LIFE

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Helping late career professionals in transition fall in love with the life they have OR create a life they love by  

Writing Their Next Chapter

Do you find yourself facing

  • Upcoming retirement?

  • An empty nest?

  • Late career job loss?

  • Recovery from a health crisis?

  • Boredom, disconnect or loneliness in a long-term relationship?

  • Dream for a more meaningful life?

  • General disconnection from and dissatisfaction with life?

We help people who find themselves in these and other difficult times of transition—times when they lack confidence, feel uncertain about the future, and are unclear on what direction to go—to write their next chapter.  Our programs will help you design your life from your heart and soul—let go of the shoulds and step into bringing your unique self fully into the world.

In our programs, clients regain a strong sense of self, confidence, and direction that allows them to move with inspiration, ease, and joy toward what gives them purpose and vitality.  This process kicks off or accelerates the unfolding of your next Chapter with inspiration and ease.

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